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I for one am not in favor of skrinking the URL. If people want to do surveys to get IGG points they can go to the official website. Links can often be misleading and pages can be made up. A while ago there was a problem with a fake email being made saying wlgm but it was unverified but people were not checking and accounts were being hacked. Read about it here. There was also and april fools joke done by one of our own admins saying there was a character reset going on and to click this link to input your undername and password to verify your account so it wouldn't be reset. The webpage looked exactly like IGG's and anyone could have been scammed if they had not looked at the web address.. If you want to 'shrink' a long web address then use the [url][/url] codes. So you have [url=www.google.com]Google[/url] written and the link will appear as just Google there is no need for the other stuff.

I would just like to point out the web address looks like this http://getpaid.igg.com/offers_sometrics.php that is not very long. If you would like to make it smaller do this [url=http://getpaid.igg.com/offers_sometrics.php]GetPaid.com[/url] then the url will look like GetPaid.com see? Nice and short and no extra web page involved.