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Wonderland Online Database Members Agreement

By registering in the forum you accept and acknowledge that you have read and understood the Rules of Use and agree to be bound by their Terms throughout posting of the forum.

Terms of Use:

{A} Forum Staff may amend, update, modify or correct this Thread, or modify the Rules at any time in its discretion without any obligation to inform the Posters of the amendment or changes made. The Rules will be made effective immediately upon posting. Your use of the forum after the effective date of any amendments to this Thread constitutes your agreement to the amendments. You agree to check this Thread regularly so you will be familiar with their content as amended or modified from time to time.

{B} The Forum Rules offers to allow you use of the forum. Your agreement to all of the Terms contained in this Thread and your compliance with the posted Rules. By posting on the forum you agree to comply with all of which is written within this thread. If you have any questions regarding these terms and rules, please contact another Administrator or myself through a Private Message.

{C} Wonderland Online Database is designed for discussion of anything concerning in game, such as quests, features, systems and the like. The Forum is open for questions and answers concerning the game, but mostly to chronicle user made guides. Any problems, issues or glitches should be reported to IGG in the Service Center.

{D} If found in breach of any Rules within this Thread the necessary measures will be made upon your account from a first warning to the extent of a Permanent Ban from accessing the forum or other relevant services.

{E} A thread author has the right to ask for their thread to be bumped or to post bump it themselves if it has stayed inactive for longer than a month. Notify an Administrator to do this.


1. Race and Religion
Use of language, links or images related to racial or religious hatred or slurs will be given a 2nd warning or higher.

2. Account Trading
Purchasing and selling of IGG accounts is a punishable offence worthy of an immediate ban of services.

3. One Liner Posts/Short Replies
This is to promote constructive posts being made instead of short replies such as “nice guide” “thank you” and such. The Forum pushes for construction when posting and isn’t a stage for peoples post count to go up. It is expected any posts made are more than two lines long, helps members understand better and is relevant.
Short replies will be deleted.

4. Sexuality/Violence
Speaking, referencing, links or images of sexual acts are prohibited on the forums and will be given a 1st warning depending on severity.

5. Threats/Harassment/Defamatory
This includes the following:
• Threats made to players and members of staff
• Insulting others, such as players, posters and forum staff
• Continued harassment of such individuals or groups
These are serious issues and will incite a 2nd warning or higher.

6. Sexual Preference and Bigotry
Implicating or insulting others sexual preference will serve a 1st warning depending on severity.
Discrimination of an others sex is not tolerated and shall be dealt with depending on severity.

7. Malicious programs, hacks and cheats
Advertising, linking and use of the above are intolerable and any doing so will be given an immediate ban on their account.

8. Impersonation
Impersonating a member of IGG staff for any use provokes an immediate final warning instead of a 1st.

9. Inappropriate Language
Use of profanity, inappropriate references to ones anatomy or otherwise objectionable language is against the rules and will warrant a 1st warning depending on severity.

10. Spam
This includes:
• Unreadable posts, pure gibberish
• Creating threads to cause problems
• Non-constructive posts
• Abuse of the report function
• Posts made holding any internet meme/fad statements.
• Disturbing other threads by picking fights or irrelevant content as well as insulting other players
• Multiposting posting (as in posting in the same thread right after you, yourself, have posted. There is a 24 hour post rule between 2 of the same persons post)

The punishments here can range from a 1st warning to a temporary ban,and continued disregard of the rules can cause a permanent ban.

11. Duplicate Threads
Creating a thread about existing topics is against the rules. So is creating a thread for an existing topic for further discussion in a different forum.

12. Scam
The following information is to do about scamming:
• Posting to scam other players is against the rules and will be given an immediate ban.
• Scammers should be left unnamed if posting screenshots on the forums; this is defamatory and will serve a 1st warning depending on severity.

13. Advertising
Advertising sites or services on the forum that is irrelevant or non-beneficial to IGG is against the rules and will serve a 1st warning.

14. Disciplinary Actions
Discussion about yours or another person’s punishment given by a GM, Administrator or moderator is against the rules and will serve a 1st warning or higher depending on severity.

15. Evade Bans
Evasion of bans such as:
• Creating or using a second account for use after being banned
• Having another post on your behalf
Are against the rules and will amount to an automatic ban.

16. Plagiarism
Copying another person’s work, guide or thread or using just a part of another’s work within your own guide and claiming it as your own without crediting the original author is against the rules and will serve a 1st warning or higher depending on severity.

17. Necro-Posting
Posting in a thread that hasn’t been active within 60 days is considered necro-posting. Your post will be deleted and the thread will be locked unless the author says otherwise.

18. Mini-Modding and Backseat Moderating
Mini Modding (pretending to be a mod):

This will be locked

Wrong Place

Use the search function

Backseat moderating (acting as a mod):

Mods lock this now

Mods move this please

If moderation is needed to be done, a Private Message should be sent to an Administrator or myself, not to be said in a reply, moderators are chosen for a reason and would like your assistance, but make sure it is in the right way.

19. Item/Compound/Recycle
The creation of fake items, compounds or recycles is against the rules and will result in a 1st warning. Continued disregard for the rules may result in a temporary ban or permanent ban depending on severity.

If a member is found to be continually breaking the rules, the right discipline will be put into effect, as shown below.

Disciplinary Measures:

Below is the Disciplinary ladder used when penalizing Posters after breach of Regulations, starting from bottom to top.

Permanent Ban: complete halt of use of Forums and other services related.
Final Warning: last written warning towards a Poster
Temporary Ban: 2-3 day ban of the forum
2nd Warning: secondary message from a member of the moderation team
1st Warning: message from a member of the moderation team

This is the regular method of use, but some rules may call for more severe action and be higher up the ladder.

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Thanks to the admins/mods who put these forum rules togeter on the official forums. I borrowed the Experience Discussion Rules and tweaked them a bit to fit our website. Over time these rules may change to reflect more of the workings of our website but until then a majority of the thanks goes to the admin/mod teams on the official forums for having these rules. :)