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Who thinks they should add a quest section to this site? Please leave your thoughts.:) May god(Or whoever u may worship) bless you.


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No point in doing all of that all over again I would think.

Mercury (Leo)

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Topic should go here:
Thanks I need all the blessing I can get. And same to you.

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We'll have a guide section when I can either make a whole bunch of guides or I can find some people that I really trust to make good quality guides. Not that I don't like the guides that are here already I think it would be nice to have some guides made by the same person/group of people. And when I said I want good quality guides I mean I want guides that answer almost any question you have about the quest. I want the guide to be so simple to follow that a noob could figure it out lol Plus Scott would need to create the page and we would need to figure out how to link everything so it appears nice and neat. It's a lot of work and none of it is simple. Well taking the pics can be simple lol But then editing and all that junk. x.x I'm going to need to win the lottery so I can quit my day job and devote my time to wlodb.com XD

Anyway it's on my list. It will happen. But expect it when IGG has an affordable Item Mall and doesn't ask for 25k credits to win a big red bird or horse with wings. :P

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it has been planed almost from the start to make something like a quest section to the site and it has been tried .
the once that have tried it didnt have enough time and resources to make it
either they couldnt reach these places again or couldnt make it through with other accounts.
everyone can make a guide for quest but its hard to make them noob proof
sorry to the people who feel offended by that.
i made a few and it takes about 3 days to make it completely noobproof and with the growing amount on quest and mini quests it hard to make a start on them without people asking if you can make one for a other quest
maybe this makes people understand that making a guide for a (mini)quest isnt that easy as it may look like

if you wanna give i a try just have a look at the time you need for each picture that you need first most of the guides that are made on this forum are made during these quests as you know most still dont know or only know a little about it and progress is made slowly you land in fights which will be analyzed for there element lvl and amount which slows you down in fights maybe even kill you, make routes can be a hard thing as well by not walking the right way the first time or forget the route or just walk without knowing what your doing these are things that you should also keep in mind and dont forget capturing the moments that things happing in a event as gaining points items and other kinds of stuf that havnt been analyzed yet

now think again if its really so easy as it looks like to make it noob proof

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