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okay so im here to show u how to do it~~will upload pics soon~~ill show you how to get UFO design too**RePost
*sha-shas amity must be 70+
*must do Sha-Sha's Death quest first

1.Go Mayan Forest u can use planes,spacecrafts,ufo,steamship, or underground and many other more.. as u arrived go the cave where u see scripture writings once u clicked there sha-sha will show u some device somewhere it's something Blue around so hope ull get it right!...once uve done that try to enter the cave now just keep going until ur downstairs go top left and find the device that will open the stone door..

2. once u find the device just click it and go top right and ull see a stone door click then youre in the room just follow the trail until u see the controlling device together with 3 they declared a battle ull fight 3 of them but i think 1 of them wont spawn their hp is about 3.6k i wasnt sure now kill them and you'll received boken UFO design then go to mayan village as you continue the stone door you were goin too will closed... will see a statue lying down its colow was blue click it and sha-sha will tell you something she asked you to inspect the door you'll see sha-sha paying for her parents and offers her life so you could get out*make sure he eqp's armors was removed*ok so you checked it out and youve saw sha-sha losing bloods and was offeredshe told you that only pure fresh blood is the only thing you could to open the stone door and from there you could get UFO design ..

4.Go to Mayan village in the middle pathway first house of a villager you'll see a mom and a boy sleeping his mom asks you to wake him up then she leaves the house click on the boy you'll have 3-4 choices i think pick the one that was written:"There's an ET" and that moment an ET will appear on the wall hiding there are 3 ETS fire,wind ,earth i think but this one is easy the middle ET had 12k hp and the others is 930hp only after u won the kid will just think its a dream you'll also received 3 stars ..

*Well,..Gratz you got it!~~sorry if i didnt upload any pics for now well i hope soon i will thx^^**

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Incorrect information, ET's in the 2nd paragraph got 9k HP.

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Well let me put it to you this way.

Please goto this topic and you will notice that this person already posted alot of the Pet Death quests back 4/2009.

Please :) Click on the Search help topic on my signature. So you can learn to search for Info on this site :)

Also look at this
You actually double posted ur topic 2x with different a week ago :P

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Hello :)
im want to make shasha rb and now she lvl 54 i need to do death quest and after this lvl up she or i need now lvl up she?


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you can do her death quest at any time. But you will need to revive her and pay the stars in Holy to get her. After she reaches lvl 100 you can take her to the place in the hanging garden area and rb her. I would suggest you try to burst her or lvl her up to lvl 100 first then do her death quest. The problem with doing the death quest to early when training pets is that if the pet leaves you because of low amity (if that happens) you will need to go back to holy and pay the same stars over again to revive the pet for a second time and then give it amity food so the pet does not leave you again. So my suggestion would be to lvl your pet to lvl 100 do her death quest and then rb her.