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giraffasaurous wrote:

But either way, the link she has in her signature goes to the IGG page that lets you fill out surveys for points. It's not a bot (and shame on her for promotion and using a bot -_-). You can tell it's not a fake page either by looking at the URL of the survey page. It's an IGG page. If it wasn't, it wouldn't have ".igg" in the beginning of the url.

Sarin wrote:

I would just like to point out the web address looks like this http://getpaid.igg.com/offers_sometrics.php that is not very long. If you would like to make it smaller do this GetPaid.com then the url will look like GetPaid.com see? Nice and short and no extra web page involved.

Just pointing out... using the [url] tags on the full link allows people to see the address BEFORE clicking it, avoiding in large part the risk of visiting an unknown, possibly dangerous, site. Even if you use it as Sarin described, the address is usually displayed at the bottom of the browser window. Using tinyurl or another such site leaves you with no idea where a link is really going to go.