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It's been nearly 11 years since IGG released Wonderland Online as we know it now.

There have been many memories that have tied into this game and many people have always found it hard to leave it behind because there is something that it has that no other game does. It's some kind of voodoo charm, that keeps bringing people back, maybe it's the simplicity of the game, albeit it was nowhere near simple when you considered the quests.
We've seen many different people come and go, the game experienced changes that some of us utterly despised, yet some of us very much loved. But we always remained loyal to it, we always came back despite how long our absence had been.

We've all experienced the memories and joy brought to us by the simple idea of just logging into the game and hanging out with people, building tents or doing quests.
There was that pure interest in the game - the idea that you were surrounded by people who supported you, your guild mates or just friends from the Starter Beach, Kelan Village or any other local chat you had available. Wonderland offered an immersion, an experience where you could easily lose yourself in the game, explore it, enjoy the art that it provided and the surprise cut scenes it offered if you explored, for example, a hot spring.
The game was always full of surprises, starting with the people and ending with the quests - some seeming much darker while others offered just pure and sometimes lighthearted humor.

And as of the past several years, we've watched the game recline. It didn't happen last year, nor in 2017 or 2016, it happened far beyond that - the inevitable was coming, but we just never expected it to come so late. Initially there may have been hope, but the duping issue had gotten so out of hand that no one actually needed to buy IM, ever again.

The time to say goodbye to our beloved memories of the people and the game has come fairly quickly, it's quite funny how time seems to just run by at this point.

I'd like to wish everyone a (late) Happy New Year and for people to find a new game and people to make new memories with, or continue on with Wonderland in one of the currently available servers that are still serviced.

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That really puts it very nicely together. These are the words that I could not find. I'll take a screenshot of your post along with all the other memories. Thank you.