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IGG WLO is coming to an unfortunate close. With all those memories we had, good or bad, you can still live them in the Chinese version of WLO with an active English community happy to help. Here's an invite to the discord server (most active one): - and here's the other server (not as active but for the same game):

A quick rundown on what to expect in the Chinese version:

-Continuous updates
-New quests to complete (including Angela & Eva Death + RB)
-Servers are mostly dominated by Chinese players however the Discord community is quite large
-Always 2x and 4x on special occasions
-Game can be partially translated through the use of IGG's files (Items cannot be translated and will always be in Chinese)
-No duping/large inflation in the game (easy to start out)
-Burst (and cuss burst) is still a thing and bursting pets no longer reduce how much exp you gain.
-Useful gameplay and installation guides are available
-Lots of IMs are sold by players (and are very cheap compared to IGG WLO), for e.g PL here costs between 7-13m while in IGG wlo it costs 100m (Aries)

A recommended installation guide (made by @Harmony): (If you ever get stuck throughout the guide, feel free to ask for help in the discord server)

Tip with installation guide:
-Do not add any translation until the game is fully installed and runs properly, even if it is in Chinese (we will help you on the discord server with what u should add to keep the game working but also partially in English).

Note: This is not the mobile version of wlo. They are two different games. This post is regarding NWLO (The PC only chinese wlo). WLOM (wlo mobile) is hosted by a completely different company and has a PC and mobile client.

We hope to see you there :)

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Hoping WLRB will come back