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Try running wlo as administrator just right click on it and it should say it there

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That is a typical Crash.

Some people have to use flash drive to run WLO Client.

I had to do that Since Windows Vista and continued through Windows 10 until recently.

Compatibility should be Windows XP or 7 to work in most cases.

another thing would be to Clear your Temp Directory

Uninstall WLO first.

Try Clearing up your Windows Temp Directory and Restart. When a Program Crashes the Temp Files remain usually corrupted.

1) Double Right Click My Computer or This PC Icon to open it.
2) Double Right Click C: Drive Icon to open it.
3) Double Right Click Windows directory to open it.
4) Double Right Click Temp Directory to open it. (requires your special permission)

Note your address bar should read as "My Computer\C:\Windows\ Temp"
or "This PC > (Windows)C: > Windows > Temp

5) Single Right Click Select All Icon.
6) Press Shift (Keyboard Key) and hold it then Press Delete (Keyboard Key).
7) If a file does not delete then Skip it until process completes.
8) Restart Computer because you have 'pull the rug out from all processes'
9) after restart you should be able to install WLO Client.

Often a messed up Temp directory can cause unsolvable problems.