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Hi guys! I've just heard about the new app for us to play the game on mobile, which is really exciting to me! So I gave it a try, downloaded it tho idk anything about Chinese, and I completed downloading it! But I just can't play the game since everytime I touch the "PLAY" button ( I suppose it mean "play now") in the lower center of the screen, the game will completely freeze... I'm really disappointed not to enjoy the game as you guys are! Is there anybody get this problem like I do? Is that because of my crappy iPhone or something? Well I use iPhone 5s with the iOS 10 so it's kinda crappy at some points... or is it because of my not-jailbroken iPhone?? Hope to get help from you guys!!

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6th box is for playing it in PC version(this version is not same as the original NWLO)
5th box I think is for iPhone

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I am having a problem with play a game it's not working on my iPhone, I already reinstall the version and have to reset all the previous settings, After trying more than twice, I have faced another issue with my Apple ID. I think There was an error connecting to the apple id server. I want to resolve it permanently. And also game still crashed out. I already read this blog to get more information about the related topic at https://www.applemacsupportnumbers.com/blog/how... .