Britain - Cornwall

In medieval times, most of Ancient Britain was swathed in lush green forests and bountiful plains. Hidden in this verdant land was the legendary mystical fairy kingdom called Cornwall.


One day, the kingdom fell into turmoil with the old King falling ill and the disappearance of the Prince. At this time, the strongest warriors of the land sensed the weakness of the ruling family and began battling for the crown, and control of Cornwall. When Prince Arthur heard this news he knew his rightful claim to the throne was in danger, and he journeyed to find the powerful magic sword that had been sealed in a stone. Claiming the sword, and its power, he battled the warriors seeking to usurp him and once more brought peace to the land. Prince Arthur had become King Arthur, and made Cornwall a peaceful and prosperous land once more!

General Shop
Rank Name Type Base Attributes Creator/Editor
3 Iron Ore Material Iron Locked unknown
2 Tin Ore Material Tin Locked unknown