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Avalin wrote:

Christmas Kot wrote:

Avalin wrote:

Is there any way at all to use color mask after using a hair dye :( I didn't know that would make it "unusable" it really sucks, i hate my skin color

You can use cloth dye, hair dye and color masks endlessly, you just have to make one or purchase one from someone else.

Here's what happens if I try:

I can still change hair and eyes.

The wikia, although it may or may not be true, says: "This is an object where the Skin Colour can be changed, It cannot be used if Hair Dye or Eye Colouring is used"

I can still use hair dye, but I can't use skin mask :/

I donĀ“t know if you used a Color Mask, but in the picture you uploaded the item is Mask Model, a rank 1 Wood base item, that is almost useless (you can get when recycle wood or fail a wood base compound), but the icon is the same as Color Mask.

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*Facepalms* I bought the wrong item then, woops... I just didnt get why I couldnt use it, then I read the wikia and thought there was something to it... Thanks for clarifying :D