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Alright so most anyone who plays on sagi knows I have a guild, and its general knowledge that i have not been really actively recruiting but at the request of a few of my members that would like to have some people to talk/quest with I have decided to recruit. So to start :

The guild's name is Archanea, We don't have any specific goals, maybe we'll try to take the castle some sunday when and if people are around, mainly we're looking for talkative people that like to quest often, I myself am not online as often as i should be, but that does not change the fact that there are at least 2-3 vices on at all times, and 1/3 of them are not afk(Most of the time) as it stands now we only have like 4 members active anyway lol. You can check out of forums Here : and you don't have to be a guild member to register so go ahead and look around if you wish, the forums themselves are new at the moment so you won't see much yet. If your interested PM me on here, or on my guild's forums.

In our current state we can assist new players with GS easily enough, in fact it generally only takes one of us to do so, also we can get FS though you'll have to get on a schedule for that, DS is still out of our capabilities and so is FB, We can do RB as well.

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