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Hey everyone! In case you didn't know what a buzz code is, it's the code they offer for you to input at the beginning of your registration to the different games that IGG has to offer. This code will award your account with prizes upon the next maintenance, which is held on Tuesdays, as long as you register with the buzz code before Sunday, which is when they add up all rewards and charge them to accounts. Anyways, I've searched websites and I've only really seen one buzz code over and over again... if you're searching for a NEW buzz code, look no further! I have one for every IGG game, INCLUDING wonderland online, to help you in your adventure. I have used these rewards myself and am pleased to say I can obtain a rather high level in an obscenely short amount of time. See the links below: (the buzz code is shown under all of the links to the following games).

Dreamland Online

Tales of Pirates II

Tales Of Fantasy

Alitis Gates

Galaxy Online

Lords Online

2029 Online

Angels Online

Tales of Pirates Online

Wonderland Online

Aurora Blade Online

GodsWar Online

Zu Online

Voyage Century Online

Myth War II Online

Freesky Online


Once you click the link to the game you wish to pursue, type in the buzz code shown below:
Buzz Code:4204464

I hope you are thrilled with your new accounts and prizes!

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