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There have been a lot of people that have been necro posting lately so I thought I would remind everyone that posting in topics where the last post was more than 60 days (2 months) ago is considered necro posting. Necro posting is against forum rules and can result in your account being banned if you choose to do so after being warned by the admin team.

Just so everyone knows:
When you go to post in a topic please look at the date of the last post. You can find that by locating the last post and looking at the date above the posters avatar. If that date is more than 60 days (2 months) ago then please do not post in that topic as that is considered necro posting. If an admin sees that you are necro posting your post will be deleted (along with any posts after it) and the topic locked to prevent further necro posting. You will receive a warning by a memeber of the admin team and if you continually ignore the warnings your account will be banned.

Here is an image to show you where I'm asking you to look before you post:

Here are the disciplinary measures for

Disciplinary Measures:

Permanent Ban: complete halt of use of Forums and other services related.
Final Warning: last written warning towards a Poster
Temporary Ban: 2-3 day ban of the forum
2nd Warning: secondary message from a member of the moderation team
1st Warning: message from a member of the moderation team

Please just be aware when you are posting guys. If you have any questions or any problems please PM me. Thanks ^^

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Thank you Sarin. Much appreciated.

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Just a personal observation but we all need to remember to be civil to each other. We are all different and have different opinions. Just treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Constructive criticism is one thing that we all need and can use, sarcasm, name calling, and abuse is not.

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i'll have that in mind. btw im new here

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so if the topic has a post of more than 60 days then just start a new topic? cuz u said tht if there is a topic already there to use it im confused

Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 8:13pm #5
Tensa Zangetsu
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pm ^-^

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JessiiMarie wrote:

PyroDragon wrote:

so if the topic has a post of more than 60 days then just start a new topic? cuz u said tht if there is a topic already there to use it im confused

Same here
She says to not create a topic and look at the other topic. but yet we're not supposed to post in the topic..

What if i have a question?

Please read the forum rules:

{A} Forum Staff may amend, update, modify or correct this Thread, or modify the Rules at any time in its discretion without any obligation to inform the Posters of the amendment or changes made. The Rules will be made effective immediately upon posting. Your use of the forum after the effective date of any amendments to this Thread constitutes your agreement to the amendments. You agree to check this Thread regularly so you will be familiar with their content as amended or modified from time to time.

This means that when I clicked the post button and the forum rules were posted here all other rules we had before this were no longer supposed to be used. Meaning when I said to post in old topics that was to keep us from having tons of new topics cropping up when they could easily fall under an older topic. When the forum rules were posted this rule was no longer in effect. (not that it was really a rule to begin with)

Every person in this forum needs to search before they post a topic. If there is a topic that is less than 60 days old then you can post in it if you have a question. If the topic is older than 60 days then you can make a new topic.

If you have any more questions please PM me.

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Someone call the Olympics. We have a badass over here!

How about I don't ban you, let you make an ass out of yourself because you more than likely skimmed through this post, and decided "hoh! Big life achievement, getting banned!" And whenever I see your messages I'll delete them...

Have a good day and please find a hobby.

(Hell, you probably won't even see this)

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Dobu wrote:

i see everything
And i dont need a hobby, my hobby is wlo. I need job actually

Nah you need neither. If your bored enuff to find a 6 yr old post/thread and post a reply, then you need a LIFE brotha.

PS just found it ridiculous to see this post like people have nothin better to do nowadays.. Maybe lock the topic since there's really no need to post messages at this thread..

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Provoking an Administrator is just weird, seeing as we administrate the site and it's contents for the players; filtering out the good and the bad. Needless to say that a warning will not be needed. I will be removing Dobu's posts since they do not shed light on the matter at hand and providing with a ban as well as locking this thread.

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