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i was wondering if anyone can tell me the limits to storeroom,locker,cabinet,etc. and wht each one can hold

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Storeroom 50 stacks any items(1 max), Locker 25 stacks quest props(1 max), Cabinet 10 stacks any item(5 Cabinets max), Fortune Egg 10 stacks must be 10 minimum per stack and be tradeable(6 Eggs max), Food Shelf 10 stacks of food (5 stacks per side must be the same food on the same side)(2 shelves max), Potion Cabinet 10 stacks of EXP potions or Hp/Sp elixirs(1 max), Medicine Case 10 stacks of EXP capsules or bolus(1 max), Material Cabinet 10 stacks of non food non equipment items(1 max), Fridge 10 stacks of food can be mixed(1 max), 1 Piggy Bank and 1 ATM. These are the storage equipment that do not take up any of your Item space. Max means that Items will be duplicated and no additional Items will be stored.
Sorry if I forgot something.

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