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1 recovery potion
10 roasted pork
magellan (must be in ur team)
(Pre-quest) - Food Poisoned

Hey today im going to tell u guys how to kill magellan and how to do the pre-quest (Food Poisoned) to start it

First off go to the Philippines Aka Filipine right under taiwan showen in this map

Once you get there fallow me in the little map in the corner to find your way to the pre-quest Food Poisoned

Then go up to go into the city

Then go up again to see (?) (make sure you have magellan i your team) talk to the 3 natives they will say he needs a
Recovery potion give him it and then they will ask for 10 roasted pork sail or fly off the island (Do not spawn)
And you will see magellan's fleet out side the island go on it

when you get on he will be looking for Henry and he isnt on the ship go back the Philippines
once you get to the island go to the cave you wil see a red scarf (x:1922 y:735) click the scarf then enter the cave

Once you get the the cage read the letter on the right and insert the key (AkA cebu stone)(you get it from the saving the

After unlocking the door go in and talk to Henry right when your about to leave the natives will attack you

Earth Lv 120 Hp 13500
Water Lv 120 Hp 13500

When your about to leave theres another fight (recommend using 2 waters or 1 knight)

Bottom Top Fire Lv 142 Hp 14600---->Earth
Front Top Earth LV 140 Hp 14500---->Water
Boss (Wind) Lv 160 Hp 27850-----> No Spawn
Front Water Lv 138 Hp 14000----->Fire----->Wind
Back Water Lv 139 Hp 14000---->Fire
Front Wind Lv 135 Hp 13580---->Fire---->Wind
Back Fire Lv 142 Hp 14600---->No Spawn
Front Earth Lv 140 Hp 14580---->Wind

Once your done this fight go out of the cave When your about to leave it will ask you if you want magellen to leave say yes
then you will see a cut sence showing the natives killing him

Reward:3 stars 3% exp capsule

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wow there's a Magelan death quest :) does that mean there's a Magelan Rebirth quest too?
anyway VERY nice post :)

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yep that mean magellan reborns he's one of the 11 in v6

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I guess many players don't rly like Magellan, therefore when his death quest has been realized there was a huge/extremely high rate of doing that quest

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on quest to get fred everyone kills clive and u need clive around to get magellan... sorta a waste of stars to get him afterwards

wow... 71 levels since last pic upload

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-- dark

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im confused ? whats the post suppose to mean?
i made this guide my self

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Dark was only trying to point out that the last poster made a useless post. A late post that does not contribute to the original topic in any profound way, like what I mentioned in your other thread.

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