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Hi guys i liked to collect some info abut forging befor pushing there and spend a lot of im points.^^ so guys pls post all what u know about forging
i read there are two ways at forging im forging with s. scroll and idk XD

info for example:
with eqp is worth to forge
maby what increase succusfull chanse
what can be forged in with way
all what u know^^

if its done this could be a guide for Forging with we did all together :-)
u could post some nice work (screenshot) from u too if u like^^


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Forging is done in 2 ways with 2 different types of items.

Regular equips (equips you buy in the game that are produced from compounding, quests, and shops in game)
When you go to the IM forging room you select the equip you want to forge and without any forging it will say +0 for the equip so you click confirm. If the forging is successful your equips will say +1. Forging from a +0 to a +1 have a very high success rate with little to no chance of failing. You can continue to forge your equips in the forging room but every time you succesfully forge and item your chances of having a successful forge will decrease. It costs you 3 points per forging attempt even if you fail so forging can become very expensive very quickly. Someone I know spent 100 points and forged a pair of boots to +6 while another friend spent 100 points and ended with a +4 forged item so depending on how lucky or unlucky you are forging can get pretty expensive.

Item Mall equips(IM equips - equips you purchase with points from the IM [archangel wings, lord sword, energy halo, etc.])
IM equips can only be forged using Strong Scrolls. With the IM equip in your inventory go to the forging room in the IM (like you do with regular equips) only this time when you place the equip in the IM it will say +0 and when you click confirm it will ask for 1 strong scroll to enhance the weapon (not 3 points). Enhancing IM equips with strong scrolls is always successful so you don't have to worry about failing. Every time you increase your IM equips it will require more Strong Scrolls though. So to get an IM equip from +0 to +1 it will cost you 1 strong scroll. From +1 to +2 will cost you 2 strong scrools. From +2 to +3 is 3 strong scrolls and so on. Currently IM items can only be enhanced up to +8 but even then you would still need 36 strong scrolls and strong scrolls can only be found in the IM or obtained as a reward from the Cursed Palace event.

So as a recap:

You can not use strong scrolls to forge regular equips. Strong Scrolls can only be used to enhance equips from the IM.

forging regular equips from the game requires 3 points per forge even if the forge fails

with each successful forge your chances of having another successful forge are decreased

IM equips can only be enhances with strong scrolls (with the current update they can only be forged to +8)

IM equips do not have a success or fail rate. Forging IM equips will always be successful

to forge IM equips:
from +0 - +1 (1 strong scroll needed)
from +1 - +2 (2 strong scrolls needed)
from +2 - +3 (3 strong scrolls needed)
from +3 - +4 (4 strong scrolls needed)

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Great explanation Sarin its very detailed but one question what is the max level for a forge of a regular equip is it +8 or +9 or does anyone know i am just curious?

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i dont like the IM forgin i think it should only take 1 ss for each lvl and about the max lvl of reg weapon forgin im not sure also reg weapon forgin chances can be enhanced with scrolls like demon or seraph or archangel

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My equips are forged to +15 non-IM of course

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Rumisiel, how many IM points did it cost you to get forged to +15?

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its all luck like sarin said if ur lukcy can take lil pts if not u can spend a sh*t load of munny on forgin its worth it though +30 equip and if its on set +50 diamonds its murder weapons xD