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I am now looking for 20 players that can be the core of the guild I am going to found. 20 players who believe that pride, honor and glory are secondary. And humility, order, discipline and harmony prevail in every single way.

This guild will not be dedicated to war, or to compete in taking territories, only if the resources and the time are abundant in a given situation.

If you are interested, reply to me or send an application to me, on Sag 3, via mailbox. My IG name in Sag 3 is Kyoshiro.

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wohooo!! How could I miss your new topic? O___O Homer!! That insignia is damn awesome!! I wish you good luck mate :))) I would probably join you in Sagitta, if I would play there o.o

GOOD LUCK Homer!! Let us know later how things are going for your guild!

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