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Hi there.
Lately wlodb experienced a plague of oversized and animated signatures, drastically increasing loading time of forum topics.
As long as there is no solid restriction on the size and content of signatures there is not much to do...
...but to block them out on your own PC. And this is the part where content/adblockers come in handy.

--------------------Opera content blocker--------------------

To block a single URL or a pool of URLs in Opera browser:
There is a content blocker already built-in in Opera.
-Click Tools->Advanced=>Content Blocker
-in the next window click "add"
-type the url that you want to block out
-hit "Enter"
You're done, from now on anything that comes from this URL won't be showed in your browser.

--------------------Firefox AdBLock Plus--------------------

To block a single URL or a pool of URLs in Firefox browser:
You have to download an "AdBlock Plus" plug-in.
-Go to this site:
-install the plug-in (there are also versions for older Firefox releases)
-after installing plug-in restart Firefox.
-click Tools=>AdBlock Plus (or simply click Ctrl+Shift+E).
-click on highlighted area
-type the URL you want to block out.
-hit enter.
From now on you won't see anything from this URL in your browser.

--------------------Unwanted URLs--------------------

To block out MOST of signature content you should add these whole URLs (inlcuding stars wich substitute any sign/signs in the place where they're put) to your blocker:
http://*.glitter-graphics.net/* -blocks ALL glittery graphics from this url
http://*.glitterfy.com/* -blocks ALL glittery graphics from this url
http://dragcave.net/image/* -blocks ALL dragoncave images
http://*squiby.net/* -blocks ALL squiby images
http://*.fodey.com/* -blocks ALL fodey custom generated images

Beware, adding these url will block them ANYWHERE. If you're using any of the above sites, content blocker will not allow you to view them or their graphics.

--------------------Opera current site filters--------------------

However if you're using Opera there is a way to bypass it. You can block some content only on current site. For example you set a filter that will block dragoncave dragons only while watching wlodb.com.
-Go on wlodb.com (or any other site, where you don't want to see graphics like glitter or dragons)
-right-click background
-choose "Block Content"
Now you should see a frame with few buttons on top.
-You can shift-click an image to block him FOR THIS SITE ONLY or...
-...or you can click "Details" button to launch an URL blocking window, where you can type and set URLs that should be blocked from appearing ON THIS SITE ONLY. Paste URLs mentioned earlier.

--------------------Manual graphics filtering--------------------

Above URLs should let you get rid of most of the signature graphics on wlodb. To get rid of the rest you should block them manually by:
-Right-clicking and choosing "AdBlock image" in Firefox;
-Right-clicking, choosing "Block Content" and Shift-clicking an image in Opera.

Hope it'll help users with slower conection to freely stroll through wlodb forum.

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Just use common sense here guys. If you are making your signature preview it and really look at it. check out one of your recent posts and see how your signature looks compared to others. If it takes up more than 1/3 of your screen then maybe you should think about resizing your signature. With dragon cave and all the other things you can add to your signature think about adding a spoiler to hide some of the info incase others don't want to see it.

Spoilers can be created by entering the code [spoiler]T[/*spoiler] Remove the * for the code to work and where I typed T is where your text should be. This will minimize the space your signature takes up and will cause less of a hassle on other members of wlodb.com who do not wish to view your signature.

Please be considerate to other members when creating your signature. We all want to have awesome signatures and we want them to be pretty but if the signatures start getting out of hand the admins will have to step in and edit your signature for you or we'll have to put serious thought into giving a size limit to signatures.

Having a signature is a privilege not a right. Abuse the privilege and it will be taken away from everyone. So please look at how your signature looks before you post.

@Bloo I like your guide bloo. I definately think it should be stickied since it helps users with the website. Hopefully we can get the signatures under control so people won't need to block them.

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Lol, that is why I don't write anything in my signature. XD
Because I don't see if it is useful.

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well i spoilered mine cause yeah its becoming big now and i'm an admin so i shouldnt be 1 of the 1's causing trouble lol

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