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Alright, so I found out there are 3 WLO version on PC:
1. wl (dot) chinesegamer
2. wl (dot) 980x
3. wlr (dot) dragongamerhk

and for mobile, I only know 2:
1. WLO from 980x
2. WLO from playpark (this one is thai somehow)

So, can anyone give me info for each WLO?
I mean, the differences for each WLO, the updates & anything/everything.

Thank you very much in advance.

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I haven't played the chinesegamer one, is that even one? You have to register a chinesegamer account to play NWLO and WLORI. You can create three sub-accounts per chinesegamer account, so you'll need to create two in order to get 4 accounts (with room for up to 6). You can create as many chinesegamer accounts as you want though.

There isn't much to say about NWLO (980x). It is basically IGG's wonderland with a couple of small additions/new gear etc. It's also a dying game filled with bots but not many real players. One player there has over 1,000 bots and when he logs them in the server literally freezes for 3-5 seconds.

WLR is Wonderland Online Rhode Island (WLORI) and has a lot of new content, new death quests for some of the pets (Eva, for instance) and lots of new items. Has a fairly large English Community. Prices for things are relatively low like early-days IGG. Lots of people play, and it seems like even more people are joining frequently. It also helps that there's no duping glitch on this version and very very few bots at all.

There's full bursting support. You can't trade until lvl 25 + 8 hours in game but that's easily achieved here. There's a bunch of codes that you can use to get free items given to you at the start of creating a character and that includes some 10x exp potions AND 14 training vouchers. You'll pretty much be lvl 45 in less than 24 hours if you use them. E-Remote is free and automatically given (One tip is to get Roca first, then go to training island with her using Tulwar) so take advantage of that.

There's a new "world pk" system that you can use for quick, easy rewards. You do it solo, sometimes the players are actively controlled by other people, sometimes they're controlled by AI (if the player is offline) but it's quite easy to play and win. You can earn 3 chests per day for winning, and there are 3 types of chest. 2 types can reward potential pills. All types can reward exp potions, hp/sp bottles to help you train and a bunch of other things. There's also a daily draw where you just get 3 random prizes which can include exp potions/cards, hp/sp bottles, forgotten scrolls, pet lethes, pet food bag and some other stuff.

There's new end-game content harder than 25 rounds. You can get new weapons that actually give elemental skills to whoever wields it, regardless of their element. They usually come with 46% crit chance too. There are 46% crit weapons available from the end-game content also.

You'll have a hard time finding a bursting team since many people are low level still, so best to make your own team.

There's actually way too much new stuff to list here for WLORI, to be honest.

There are translated clients available for both games.

If you want help/further info, or to download the English patched client, there's a Discord group (here: for WLORI. That's the one I recommend that you join if you're intending to play. That link will expire in 7 days though, to avoid open access for trolls/bots/scammers to repeatedly join.

Hopefully we'll see you soon!

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For Mobile, 980x is the mobile equivalent of WLRI. Albeit with differences, like trading restriction and more importantly the general feel of the game.

There's English translation patch for it as well, you'll need to find the Discord to grab it. For Playpark's version, it's made directly for SEA players, specifically Thailand.

Generally speaking, if you're a new player just jump into WLRI. Chinesegamer, is the first initial version released, is the exact copy of IGG's made for CN/TW players. NWLO as stated above, is on it's last legs.

To add to above regarding WLRI, WLRI has "potential" updates, Athena/Venus/Louis/Charlotte RB's are something that might come. With content like "Dark Realm" being a possibility, which is the completion to Ocean Heart Pieces.

There's guaranteed updates on every Thursday(Server time GMT+8), that mostly includes new packs. That are mostly IM's, that are either cosmetics or contain broken stats.

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Could someone relink the discord server for WLO Rhode Island? Thanks! :')

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I play NWLO via the Facebook group New Wonderland Online. There are posts that links to the Discord channel. Also they give updates about events that are comming up.

I love playing NWLO and i am not thinking to get to WLO Rode Island. Maybe when i am tired of playing ;)

There are a lot of real players on NWLO and i love playing the instances to meet them. I know about bots and sometimes you see some clouds where they fighting but i dont mind. I play because i like the game. I play together with my husband (in real life) so that is more fun :)

Enjoy whatever you do