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I'm sure that many of you have tried playing mobile wlo or latest wlo rhode Island :).
Joan happens to have a rb there. I know that there was a one or more topics discussing Joan's strength and usefulness compared to other pets but it was when she didn't have a rb yet.
So my question is - to those that play the versions with her rb - what are you thoughts on Joan now? How strong she is compared to other pets? Is she worth it in your opinion? Just your thoughts overall :)

I think she is a decent choice for a F2P fun with the game. Or even with a little investment such as few potential pills and brooch she could really kick ass, right?

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Joan RB can best be described as average in terms of DPS compared to other options like Roca and Hayate. She's kinda like Sam but slightly better just because she has a 2 target skill which is what you want on a late-game DPS pet to cover all kinds of fights.


- Has strong single target attacks and a new 2-target horizontal attack which is always good for crowd killing

- Covers Water Element which is extremely strong against fire elements. In fact they have the 2nd highest damage multiplier when damaging fire units.

- Physical Damage dealer, never misses attacks and can only be impeded by stone wall or vanish.

- Small Bonus: Water Element has 5% seal resist


- Water Element, which has the 2nd lowest overall DPS output next to Earth's. It is only strong against fires and that's it. Its pretty average against other elements when compared to Fire or Wind Element Pets.

- Extremely high SP cost on skills. You will need a LOT of SP for longer fights or carry tons of SP recovery items. Generally if you have to use SP items, that's just a waste of a turn.

- Joan is actually not entirely F2P friendly. The questline to get her is extremely tedious and requires a decent team of RB's to even finish. The only thing that is easy about her is her Death Quest which is on the same level as Xoalan's.

- No assist/debuff skills, so she cannot be burst to 100. She must be normal trained which costs more than bursting.


Overall it's honestly up to preference. I like having a team that covers a good range of elements so it's good to see that we finally have a physical water DPS pet with a 2 target attack. The only other options we had before were Sam and the really niche STR build Shasha.

She's got a really cool design too and her weapon is my favorite one in the entire game. If I could sew that thing onto a Crit Weapon, I would.

Any pet can kick ass if you feed it enough and give it the right equips. That's why you need to compare them to other options to see if they're worth it versus the competition.

My team consists of Roca, Hayate, and Niss
I cover 3 elements, have 2 Physical Attackers (Both with 2-target and single-target attacks), and Niss covers Magical DPS which is good if you need to counter Stone walls or Vanish and she also cover 6-target AoE

If you want my recommendation:
Joan is really good if you pair her with Hayate/Roca and Eva.
Eva also got her RB in the new games and her RB has 6-target AoE so she can cover your magic attack needs while also covering your AoE needs.

This is just my experience though, how you want to play is entirely up to you.

Hope this helped~

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Thank you for the post :). In fact my first pet choice was Niss but then I quickly realized and also have been reading some forums that with out solid invesment she actually is not so good because her base stats are very very low when compared to Joans for example. And with the low int she can easily miss higher level bosses, not mentioning the low hp. I dont have that much money to invest into getting her into 12level of potential pills and strengthen packs so that was the reason I turned into Joan's direction as it appreared to me that Joan can do just as much damage as Niss without the invesment (of course without summing up the 6 people aoe and fed Nisses :p). Also I have friends that help for free with the quest So thats not the main issue here.