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I'm trying to get back into WLO after not playing in years and after getting increasingly frustrated with "come play with us on the chinese servers! Here's our discord that explains how to install!" posts from 2017-2020 that used discord links that people dont understand expire every 24 hours despite knowing how to set up a private server along with installing english patches, I decided to do a tutorial on how to make your discord links not expire, that way you can finally stop passive aggressively telling people to check discord first for questions and getting confused as to why they wont!

Step one: Click "Invite People"

Step two: Under the "Copy Link button it tells you the link will expire in 24 hours. Click "Edit invite link"

Step three: Set to "Never"

Step four: You did it! Your server link wont expire! Now use the new one to invite people!

Hopefully this tutorial was in depth enough! Now anyone whos interested in playing on the server with you will be able to join without hours of googling and clicking broken links in agony!