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Is the game alive, and If it is how I play and where do I download it from

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Elliebo wrote:

Is the game alive, and If it is how I play and where do I download it from

Wonderland Online (EU and NA servers) were closed down a few years ago after an unfixed dupe bug that people severely abused. It is no longer available for public to play.

You can consider playing one of the following versions, if you're interested:

1. Chinese Wonderland online (Not the same as 980x) - Chinesegamer
2. New Wonderland Online, or 980x - 980x
3. Mobile Wonderland Online, I believe it is similar to 980x to an extent as it's created by the same company - 980x Mobile
4. The Wonderland Online Reborn private server - WL REBORN

The first 3 options have an English community, however the games themselves are on Chinese servers. There are some resources on the forum about how to join their respective Discord servers for better support and community.

The latter is a privately owned server run by an old Wonderland Online player. It is majority English speaking community and the game itself is ran in English.

I'm sure that people from one of the servers would be able to provide more information regarding any of the servers I listed and potentially supplement you with Discord and other resources you may use.