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Was thinking.... Will it be possible to make WLODB app for phones?
Or if there already is what its called.
I had an idea to make WLODB app for phones with sections such as Recycles, manufactures monsters,locations, items and compounds since that is most what we need. + with function to add Chinese WLOM items. with English names of items. + adding translated quests on exact area like in app like WLODB phone version would be good too. I am willing to help as possible if you give me insight of how to do such thing. especially in transferring data from one place to other.

I am willing to put my time in that since most of the time now people are at homes and doing hopefully nothing. Though IT probably have work from home as usually.
I hope on success of this idea in soon future.
Hope you all are having safe time and you are all good. But if you're sick , please, get better soon. Thumbs up!!! :)

With God on your side you cannot fail!
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