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Hello! I'm back on here! After literal years!
Anyway, I'd be hating to make a repeat post after so many questions have been answered but...

Can some trustworthy person (Risky, I know xD) link me to an actual working and updated version of the Chinese WLO? Or, in fact, any semi-translateable WLO or how-to-get guide as I've had no luck with private servers.

Any explanation or clarity on the versions out there's always welcome xD Please only send in guides/files that you've used and have worked for you, too.

The reason I'm making this post is because ive seen tens of guides, discords etc. but at this point I'm not really sure where to go/which to get, and some did seem a bit different from each other.


Hugs for everyone still around <3

(Edit: I should specify I'm looking for a Windows playable PC version)

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Looking to play the Chinese version.

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join this discord, got step to register and English translated file
it not private server

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this is the chinese NWLO version fully translated in english and playable, all you have to do is extract, follow the included how to play read me, and login with a registered account.

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