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We are all aware that WLO had shut down.

For old/new players out there who want to reminiscence the old times, you can consider joining the Chinese NWLO 新飘流幻境 (the pure PC version) or Chinese WLOM 飘流幻境M (Mobile version, pc available).

Fret not, both WLOs have Discord Community to help you with the game.
NWLO World Famillia: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZvRBYeX
WLO Mobile: https://discord.gg/gYz4RJp
(For both, please read the installation-guides/guide-101/getting-started/etc. before asking questions ya @.@)

For NWLO (PC Version)
The Discord Community has converted some of the files to English, so if you want a similar experience to Old WLO, you can consider this option. More updated with new quests and pets of course.

For WLOM (Mobile Version)
It is more portable and you can play it on Android, IOS, PC devices. Even though everything is in Chinese, but if you are familiar with the interface, then you should be able to make it. Aware that there are still lacking in features as compared to NWLO (PC Version) but its still fun to play. I have gathered and compiled all the basic information to help you get started with the game/quests. https://sites.google.com/view/cmwlo


The threads for NWLO (PC Version) and WLOM (Mobile Version) are in different threads, so why not combine 2 to 1 and let you choose yourself. XD

Also, just want more players in game! XD Sharing is caring XD

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Guides I gathered and compiled to help new players in NWLO and Mobile WLO.

Stats Calculator I made to calculate without having to Download.