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Joan of Arc is a human pet in Wonderland Online. Joan is women with water element type and based of STR type pet. In order to get this beautiful pet. Let’s follow the quest. It begin with meeting Joan on her way to France.

Conditions: Mighty Plane and 2,500 gold (to buy the French Bread)

How to get Joan?!

1st step:

Teleport to DOMREMY (France) / Avignon Jungle.

-Open the map and teleport (X:2207 Y:1952)

-Go to the lowest port. There will be the first fight.

-You will find Joan with some soldiers.
-Have a team of 3 only (since Joan will join the fight).

Most monster HP is 16k and 11k it got spell hot fire, freeze, sleep.

- spawning plan:

REWARDS: 2% Capsule.

2nd Step:

- Go back to DOMREMY (France).

- Go to shop then buy French bread (1 stack) 50g per 1 = 2,500g

- go out and follow this map (red circle):
the white circle is the port to Domremy :)

There you will meet Joan and her friends, and she will ask you to get her 50 French Bread (that you bought a while ago).

after giving her the bread, the evil guys (are they?) whill show up for a fight.

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INFINI GUILD <3 wonderland mobile (Chinese version)

- LIZAx25 : Water Wit lv 109.
- SilentLady : Fire Knight lv 87
- Satellizer : Fire Wit lv 96