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Hello, for now let's talk about getting Zoro (Zhang Bao Zai)...

Conditions :

- Have the treasure map.

- Collect 30 silver cups or tokens from Octo.

- Vehicle (plane or ship)

1st of all, once you register in WLM (wonderland mobile - Chinese ver.)
they will give you 2 map,

1st map for transporting into places (after you visit them).

2nd map for the treasure hunt.

1st step :

go to the Sailor outside SB, you will find (?)
there you'll find ZORO, talk to him and he will give you something.

after that go to Taiwan :

sail from there (the nearest way to the Island).

2nd step. after you arrive talk to the three general. (tap, tap and tap).

2 choices will appear, pick the 1st one.

after that go and talk to the old lady then go back to the general once again.

the general will give you a stamp or token (idk what it called hahaha)
PS. (you can't enter the cave without it...

3rd step - go to the other portal -the left one-, sail from there to the other portal -straight down- .
after arriving, talk to the brothers of Clive :D hehe and there you'll use the stamp token thinggy.

after that enter !

4th step - (there will be 3 puzzles in the cave)

1st puzzle,go to the entrance 1st (the red line - the switch won't appear until you press on the entrance- after that go to the right side (the white circle), press on the switch that has no fire and boom the door will open.

2nd puzzle, read the riddle first - the pillar won't move until you read it?

press on the 1st Pillar (white circle) then the 4th pillar (Red circle).

3rd puzzle, read the riddle first, press the upper one then the one infront you exactly as the picture shown haha!

after that, you have arrived the treasure place, there you will find guys standing, talk to them and the fight will start!

the fight is so easy, I bet the human mobs has only 400+ p :D my wit hit them 1 hit xD!!

after you done from the fight, zoro and his gf shows up lol (tap, tap and tap)
lastly press on Zoro and trade the 30 silver token.

and that's how you get Zoro :D

so easy :)

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