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Hello everyone,

Today I'm gonna talk about (Charlotte Death Quest) "Via Wonderland mobile - Chinese ver."

So 1st of all, you need to do all of their prequests (Charlotte, Eva and Angela) then death quest of Angela and Eva.

1st step go to Cornwall :



when you go near the portal, a cut scene will start (a man comes out and Charlotte shows up), when the cut scene is already done, go inside and you will see a question mark "?"

go there and talk to the eagle, then a fight will start:


1 Boss and the mini slaves, haha!
anyways this fight is very easy, but becareful... after you done the fight, you'll speak to the eagle then some of a guys shows up, and the 2nd fight will start (PS. you will not have time to heal so I advice you to log out then log in)

here's a glimpse of the 2nd fight:


lv 190 boss with 2 bars HP :o!!!
and the mini slaves lv 150

anyways after the fight will end, that's where Charlotte dies T.T huhuhu


ok, rewards are:

4 stars and 3x exp bottle :D

reviving Charlotte takes 5 stars only.

thank you for reading :D...

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INFINI GUILD <3 wonderland mobile (Chinese version)

- LIZAx25 : Water Wit lv 109.
- SilentLady : Fire Knight lv 87
- Satellizer : Fire Wit lv 96

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Nice Guide :)

and I wish charlotte can be rbed in the pc version :<

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