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I'm wondering if anyone has an English language patch for Doala? The current version of Doala I have has all the items (including items in the CN version), but the names of the ALL items are completely unreadable. If you do have an English version, I do not mind if the version you have doesn't have all the new items.

On an additional note, does anyone have a download link for Cody's Stat Calculator? I have NekoTenshi's stat calculator but I find Cody's one more easy to use as it includes data of all pets, spars and so on without having to search up the inital gear values yourself. It looked like this:

(Perhaps I really should have downloaded it before IGG closed the forums down huh...)

Much appreciated, thank you!

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I do have an English Doala download but I think it's outdated (if u want it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mh5miisyu4w56c5/D... )

As for the stat calculator, I do have one for characters only but it's not the same as the picture above, but could work in the meantime (download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z0cwelo8teaegej/W... ).
I did read that this same calculator can work on pets but you need to select Priest as it is closest to Pet RB stats and only add 1 stat per level opposed to 3

Hoping WLRB will come back