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Hey everyone.
I just looked up the game in a spell of nostalgia, only to learn about the shutdown - ouch. (I'm sad I didn't really get to say a proper goodbye to a game that was a big part of my childhood, but hey, it happens. It was great while it lasted.)
My question is - before shutdown, did anyone perhaps go through the files and archive the game's soundtrack? I know some tracks are on youtube but I'm pretty sure I recall a good few that I just can't find anywhere and I'd really hate to see these tunes go completely forgotten.

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pretty much everyone still has the "sound track" since a lot of people either never uninstalled, or have started playing the chinese version.

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I cant believe of what I see :P Are you asking seriously?
All musics and every single sound is in *.wav format located in voice and sound catalog IN GAME! Enjoy :)
I also love music from this game.
PS - the intro movie from IGG version is different from one in China version.