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So, As i understand WLO is (closed) or close to closing down. This is sad news as I've played Wonderland online back in around 2012 maybe 2014. I've have many great memories and experiences in this beautifully crafted MMO. This may have been one of the most addictive/well designed mmos of all time. We can argue that Runescape/Wow did it better but something about this mmo will forever reside in my heart. With that being said Me and my team of developers are willing to work on a Free to Play RPG. It will capitalize on many of the thing that made Wonderland amazing it will not be multi-player at this time. Maybe in the future if the fan base picks up we will release a MMO. The title and name of this (RPG) is not yet decided, There is no ETA on when the rpg will be in beta or finished so please if you're interested please bear with me. We are not doing this project for money we do not want your money, But if you are willing to contribute to the future development of our project. Just Know all the donations will go into the development only! We do not use the money for personal gain. We are soley making a new project to bring back the fun memories of what WLO used to be while also adding alot of our own custom features/concepts. No This Project will not use any of WLO's Assets or storyline this project will be custom crafted with our vision in mind. Don't Worry it'll be carefully crafted if (You) the reader wishes to give ideas or requests of what you want to see in the project. Please Feel Free to Message me. I'll check this site every time i can unless the owner shuts it down. Thank You, God Bless. Rock on Wonderland online..

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Im waiting the game it will be a replica?

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Hello Inyobedbro,

While we appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in creating a game with your team of developers, I would also like to remind you that as of now you have not provided anything that could be considered as solid evidence of your team - portfolio on who is working on it, whether they're experienced or whether they have appropriate education, or even if they don't have an education - whether they have an appropriate set of skills to achieve something like this. It's also important to note that while you may have the right team of developers working with you, you have not provided any evidence on whether you are working on this project or if it's just a spur of the moment decision due to the closure of NA/EU servers for Wonderland Online.

Furthermore, you are saying that it'll be like Wonderland Online while at the same time pointing out that it will be lacking the two features which made the game - the experience of the online multiplayer functionality and the assets of the game.

We do not want to cause drama or issues for the people who use this website still and as such I'll be locking this thread and removing it in several days in hopes that my reply has reached you and the rest of the Wonderland Online Database visitors.

Please seek funding for your projects on sites that are appropriate for it - such as GoFundMe or the likes that are similar, perhaps your idea and pitch for it will go over much better there.