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It's been a while seen I was last active on this site. I've been mainly busy playing other games in addition to life and school matters.
I've had a nice time getting to know everyone and experiencing many different encounters. This game was basically my life for a large amount of time (4+ years), I would play it every single second and waking up at 1 or 2 am just for 2x and setting up characters. I was socially active for a long period of time getting to know everyone, talking to random people, and helping others in quests.
The game had made me experience through many things that I would have never experienced if it wasn't there, some were good, some were bad, some felt like this could go on forever and everything will be the same even a couple of years from now, but in the end, we all have to face reality and that's just what life is.
I'm not sure how long this site would stay for, so my final regards are,
"I hope that the contributions that I've made throughout the game were able to make a difference to some of your lives (hopefully positive), like how it did for me. I was able to meet so many great people and learn a few things from them in addition to experiencing many great moments."
If anyone wants to talk or catch up, feel free to contact me, mainly on Discord, I'm in the discord server for this site.
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