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I tried finding this topic here and I saw one from last year asking if any updates were coming. Someone posted a link from a GM saying that updates were pending and they are working on them
My question is is this truly a thing or is it just to keep us interested and playing (ie buying points) ? I have come back after being away for a few years and saw very little changed.i really love well and I always will. I will keep playing until they finally pull the plug, but I would like to know if we will get at least the chance to complete our pet quests. Those who know me from the well forum and game will know I am referring mostly to are as he is the only dark spell character without a death quests (despite years of tantalizing info on a supposed rebirths).
If a GM knows or even any player what the state of wlo is, can you please let me know?
Thyra from Aries

Give Arez his rebirth!