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I tried finding this topic here and I saw one from last year asking if any updates were coming. Someone posted a link from a GM saying that updates were pending and they are working on them
My question is is this truly a thing or is it just to keep us interested and playing (ie buying points) ? I have come back after being away for a few years and saw very little changed.i really love well and I always will. I will keep playing until they finally pull the plug, but I would like to know if we will get at least the chance to complete our pet quests. Those who know me from the well forum and game will know I am referring mostly to are as he is the only dark spell character without a death quests (despite years of tantalizing info on a supposed rebirths).
If a GM knows or even any player what the state of wlo is, can you please let me know?
Thyra from Aries

Give Arez his rebirth!

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There are updates for the game by the developers that IGG never implemented and now never will. Since they mainly work on the mobile version now, you might have to play wlo on mobile to find out about the last few pet death quests, in case they will implement all one day.