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I saw that some items have description mistakes and aren't on right place.
For example I saw Lovely Octopus only in "Items" but not at manufactures.
Saw there item that had wrong rank shown(Great Syrup R2(shown R1))
Was thinking is there any possibility to edit items and make it more clear for players who seek? I was really comfused when I tried to find Lovely octopus for the first time. Later I accidently found it. But couldn't delete the old patch with same item and name, so I had to change name to something rondom and short so it wouldn't appear too much. I am silly doing this. So I just hoped to work on this what I can.
And else. There is another problem sometimes appeared when in compounds section it show that page is not accessable. I don't know which items it still accures sometimes but it is. somewhere. Can't remember, but last thing can be ignored. Anyway, I just want to know how works this data base. It's really usefull especially when we know how it works :)

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Provide a link to these items that have issues and point them out, whenever someone from the admin team has time, we’ll fix it.
Members are unavailable to edit items, only create them.