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Ok so i hate 2 thing about this game.(i want to apologize from now for my bad english)
First its leveling.After you get, let's say level 10, everything slows waaaaay down like it feels like slow motion, because it is not like every enemy gives an amount of xp, you get xp base on the difference of levels and later on you will have to get so much xp and get nothing even after hours of fighting enemies.I mean i am at level 12 and i am farming of enemies that are level 22 AND still i don't get that much xp. If you ask me (what I believe) in most game if you fought an enemy that had this much level difference between you and him,you would get 1 level of one enemy(or at least close to 1 level). And i know there is a remote control so that you don't have to be online all the time and can go afk and do something else while the character farms, but i don't think that is a good idea.You want the player to actually play the game and not just have a way to go afk and the game will play for him.What the system should be (at least to me) is that every enemy gives an amount of xp base on THERE LEVEL and not the difference BETWEEN my level and the enemy level.
And second, money.Why don't enemies drop gold? and selling stuff is almost useless because you just get money base around the rank of the item and you get almost nothing, the only real way to get money at the start is to pray for no one to be at the usual farming spot where all the high level ones,well farm, and hope that they drop the useless stuff so that you can sell it.That is the only way i got money in the game, and to me it seems stupid.I think the game is suppose to be highly online so the only way to get money is from the players but still.
I want to know what is your opinion on my thoughts about the xp system and the money system.(and pls tell me if i am missing something big that will actually change my mid about this game)

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There's way more stuff that's wrong with this game so I'll try to make a list and keep the descriptions short

1. EXP as you said, not a fair curve, the number of debuffs and the damage of the killing blow determines how much you get but only if you or your pet participated in the killing blow, takes way too much time for a new player without the help of a veteran player to get to lvl 50 even which is not even 1/4th of the max level (because rebirth)
2. money, the best method to for new players is to farm ores for a few days straight and sell them and that gives you like 5k which is stupid to expect in the first place, in an economy which is inflated beyond belief
3. equipment crafting, RNG fiesta with no 100% guarante on item recipes, and the fact that there's a version of an item for every 2 level is just a fodder for making it look like the game has content
4. furniture and other crafting you do in your home, takes way too much time for everything, and why put a 1:10 ratio crafting recipe in the machines when you can make the material 1:1 in an alchemy recipe that takes less than 5 seconds
5. lack of depth in the skill/gear system, gear gives stats and pretty much that's it, there are some exceptions but not much, and you don't really need much thought when you build your skills, you either go this way or that way and pretty much that's it
6. monetization model, you can sell premium items for in game cash but can't buy premium cash for in game cash, that and the duping/other kinds of hacking make it really unfair for the majority of the playerbase
7. not having a dedicated marketplace, needing to go into every single persons house for 1 or 2 items you're looking for and then getting disappointed that the tent is empty without anything sold in it just to troll you
8. travelling should simply rely on gold for fees not tickets, since I can't even recall where you can get those for free, and there should be some kind of indication of where you should be heading at what level, but since leveling is not a good example in this game because you'll be spending most of your time on south island bursting (which is an AFK activity and takes away from gameplay more)

there's probably more but these are just the ones that i can recall pretty much every time i think of the game.
maybe if they didn't kill private servers there would be a way to actually play this game in an enjoyable way, but since i restarted on the chinese server after years of not playing and with actual english knowledge i came to see just how much worse this game is than i originally thought

if you enjoy the grinding types of games i recommend checking out Path of Exile for a fantasy kind of setting or Warframe for a sci-fi setting, both have the best monetization models on the market and are still free to play, they feel like heaven even after normal not too much pay to win games so they will probably feel even better after this game (and don't be afraid of Warframes exceedingly flashy graphics, that game could run on a toaster it's that well optimized)

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Every MMO is a grind, Wonderland is no different my friend.

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