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Does anyone know what the main story of WLO was going to be about (from the Chinese version)?
It looks like we will never get any updates, meaning that there won't be any continuation of the story. It would be nice to know what the game's story was about and how it was going to end.

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We will never know and it's unlikely that it's even the same people working on the Chinese version now.

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WL has a very inconsistent storyline, essentially you’re just destined to kill King Howart.

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Only the few parallel storylines of the human pets are actually interesting or a little "deeper".

Personally, I find the whole story of Frederico (includes King Howert), Niss and pets that are included to their storylines (Roca, Clive, Xaolan) interesting. Another interesting story would be the somewhat combined story of Angela, Eva and Qlaya.

But there is no main storyline imo, your character is stranded and experiences a load of different adventures, but the character does never really follow a goal of "returning to the old life before the ship wreck".
In the what I'd call "late game", the player's character is more or less bored, Deadly Hit quest is mostly made "for the strong endgame player who is bored because of lack of challenges".

I am personally really interested in what the future plans once were for the storyline, the never-ending Ocean Heart Pieces mystery, what would hide behind that forever-closed door in Maka Cave, but yeah, we will never find out.