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erm hello. I have accured with problem. First day on win 10 ... even i told my bro not to instal it... (had all the time win7...) and now there is 1 thing why I cannot play. For the first when game is downloaded when i get to choose what server i want to go in, it shows me nothing, but when you move mouse over it turns blue(all text invisable) I though thats ok, I logged on and there was another problem, ... in chat i could only see heads but not what they are writing. tried to do multiple things like restarting computer(using PC) and reinstaling wlo. Nothing helped. tried to do thing that was in other thread but that didnt worked out too, problem is same. Is there any sugguestions how to get me to play wlo? I love that game, so I would like to play with yall.
IGN: CandyAngel.
P.S. hope to see yall faster. Hate being splitted from friends.

Link to picture of screenshots

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that's a display driver issue. uninstal/reinstall display drivers should fix it.