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Selling cuss burst in cancer server.
Free quest also due to boredom.

Price for cuss burst: Your offer (I take in terms of gold/IM/EQ)
PS: Doesn't have to be +200 or +10. If you dk what to offer, state what you have. I'll decide after.

Condition: Once agreement is set, payment have to be put inside the bursted char requested. This is to prevent scamming for me, and as for you, i won't take the items until the char is done completely. You can check.

Char: 1-180 ( 1week or 2week ) I only burst on 2x exp.
Pet: 1-100 ( still calculating time )
Flower: 1-180 ( 2weeks or 3 weeks depends )

*Scammers stay away, thanks*
* If youre interested mail me: Whishymeew or J3Lita .


Ongoing burst:
Flower: 1-180
Char: 1-180
Vicky: 1-100

~ = Have a nice day = ~

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Please list your thread in the correct sub-forum next time, fixed for now.

Good luck.

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