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ok so i used to play this game when i was little and have tried to find this game for a long time and only found it today again when i accidentally stumbled upon some cute sprites from the game, anyways..

i tried to download the game from their page and make n account but i can't make it work.
Do anyone have a good tutorial that will work for 2018? because i'm struggling and i'm not that good with this stuff.
i have seen with the past hours that there have been server changes?
but i don't really know anything new since 2010 perhaps.
;w; please help..

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Hmm..Have you tried saving it to your computer then downloading it? Because when I tried to download to my windows 10 latop by just pressing run it kept having all these pop up windows.

So I suggest when you go to download you click save then it should download fine =)

I play on windows 10 and everything seems to go as it should.
Good luck

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I found a few guides relatively quick.
They are old but they should be still up to date as IGG haven't updated the game in a long time.
IGG's Installation Guide :
Registration & Download Guide (Download isn't as detailed as the 1st) :
Video Guide :

If you have difficulties making a character it might be the server's fault for being filled with characters after the server merge.

Hoping WLRB will come back