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Hi there! ^^

I have just one question...I used to be on Virgo, because the time of 20 roud challenge and NT was perfect for me – I didn´t have to wake up at 3 a.m. like when I was at Scorpio (then I moved to Virgo)...but´s US servers again. My question is – will the EU time of 20rds and NT change to US time, when Virgo and other EU server merged to one? >.< I´m still not sure which one to join now because I don´t want to log into my accounts – still choosing between these two merged servers.
Thank you for your answers ^^


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Well, the merge is done. You can login to the new servers by now.

There were suggestions by the admin in the official forum, about switching event-times each month between EU and US.

However, I doubt there are enough EU-players around still to make this worth it (sadly).

I personally believe event times will be at old US event times - but let's wait if IGG says any different in an official announcement.

I know how it feels, I played 2008-2009 on Aries, then 2009-2017 on Cap&Aqu - US servers only as an EU player. I've always had those bad event times.

Be happy you've had it so long so nice. ;-)