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hi Wlodb'ers :3 xD im going to say goodbye on wlo for a while because i gratuated my first year on college xD! i need to train on our commencement exercises xD and yet i got hacked... im thinking of how to recover my lost money :( but dont worry i'll be back soon! so stay updated on my post and please dont hate meh :3 im a good girl :) well thank you for wasting your time on reading this post. well im selling my cutie used stuffs like Candy Wand on Gemini Server. if you PMed me :) you can get discount... im selling other items too, so PM me if you want to buy some items so i can list out the items i sell :) thank you :) God bless yah all :) Take care everyone oki?
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Well i want to know wat eq can pls?

LOL so Badly XD alwasly laught XD good for your health :P

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-.- this post is from 2 and a half years ago........

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yeah what's up with the necroposting lately?

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Christmas Kot
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People don't pay enough attention to the dates it was posted.

They see that someone posted something 2 days - 2 hours ago and go on and post, it happens, but yeah.

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ppl who r new wana increase their posts. and not only them, its the same with every1. so they try adding msges on old topics. but they dont get it at 1st that by doing so they put those topics on recent topics list.

if not that, they just comment on a fimiliar topic they see while surfing thru all of them.

and then as intoxicated zombie said, after 1 posts a comment others see that its 1,2 hrs..1 day old and they add a comment too.

btw that girl mustst have completed her education by now too lol

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