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hey guys, I'm a GM from the newly emerged private server called WLRB. we're constantly looking for new people to build upon our community to make it an enjoyable place where duped items and gold aren't an issue. but i won't bother wasting your time with paragraphs of trying to convince you as everything you could possibly want to know is on our webpage https://wlreborn.wordpress.com/ and if you still feel hesitant feel free to drop into our discord server and ask questions from GMs such as Mercury (Leo) and Rentap (Gemini/Virgo), and people that are currently playing @ discord.gg/xBhC5nr

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I must say that i like the way monsters behave.

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is it me, or the element does not properly applied? I meant, I did the same damage to all elements. Or did it changes?

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I will say this for this server and this too all, if you're tired of duping and want something new, this server is the way too go.

-Has a completely overhauled system

-passive skills which are very very helpful

-no bursting just training and the exp gain is increased quite a bit

-as i said it's completely dupe free

-the economy is also no longer IM based but gold based which is much easier to earn and farm now.

-Skill levels have been increased for better effectiveness and much much more.

I recommend that anyone who sees this too come join this server. The admins are also very nice and work hard to fix any issues that arise. So if you want a new experience and a dupe free one, come join this server now!

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it sounds so nice... I'll give it a try :D

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hmm I've started and got some help, which is nice, though I have to say a massive game-changer is the lack of alchemy :/ I sort of understand the materials thing, and I think the skills system is wonderful, but travel is going to be hard :(

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