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So I'm not gonna lie I've been pretty basic with my compounding before as I could buy stuff from other players, however due to trading being yet unavailable in the mobile version I would like to seek out some beginnings.

I've looked through darkdeaver's 'Disposable Eq Series' post: http://wlodb.com/topics/11248 (sorry forgot how to link)

...And I have found myself in need of more things like it, simply put, but perhaps more individual item based.

I have gotten the hang of things like Defensive Armour but if anyone could be a big help and send in more useful* level 30+ single or double step compounds I would really appreciate it, as I've gotten really confuzzled when trying to sort it out on my own in the database.

I understand no-ones bothered to go through the whole thing under a vague word like 'useful' but if anyone has tip/tricks or go-to items they like to use that'd also be appreciated

Please keep in mind my alchemy is only primary rank 5! x_x


*I have both mages and warriors, so any stat would help.

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What i would suggest is actually trying to get both intermediate and Superior Alchemy if the mobile versions have both of those as they would greatly increase your chances to make higher lv weapons and armor.

Then again I only play on the newer servers as in the actual computer wlo,

From what I remember primary doesnt give an automatic positive boost to rank up which is what makes higher lv eq while intermediate can give an automatic +1 rank if you dont fail and superior gives a +2 rank up if you dont fail. Both of those can be boosted up higher with the use of Books.

I hope i answered some of the questions. As for any Tips or Tricks..

Cairo Egypt is a great place to save your spawn at because the weapon shopkeeper there sells a lot of the items needed to start making 40+ armors like the Skeleton Iron and Skeleton Steel Swords which are needed to make Stuff like Steel cuffs and steel bracers as well as Iron Helmets.

Snow Island is a good place to get Jade and such for other high level eqs.

Save any books you can for the hard stuff. I managed to make a Perfect sword yesterday after not making EQ for almost a Year and books helped me a lot.

Lastly Save up a TON of Gold for the Items in Hawaii, The stuff there is expensive but... they help make the high lv stuff.

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