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So I'm not gonna lie I've been pretty basic with my compounding before as I could buy stuff from other players, however due to trading being yet unavailable in the mobile version I would like to seek out some beginnings.

I've looked through darkdeaver's 'Disposable Eq Series' post: http://wlodb.com/topics/11248 (sorry forgot how to link)

...And I have found myself in need of more things like it, simply put, but perhaps more individual item based.

I have gotten the hang of things like Defensive Armour but if anyone could be a big help and send in more useful* level 30+ single or double step compounds I would really appreciate it, as I've gotten really confuzzled when trying to sort it out on my own in the database.

I understand no-ones bothered to go through the whole thing under a vague word like 'useful' but if anyone has tip/tricks or go-to items they like to use that'd also be appreciated

Please keep in mind my alchemy is only primary rank 5! x_x


*I have both mages and warriors, so any stat would help.

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