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Sun, 26 Mar 2017, 2:54pm #1
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I'm about to quit in wlo and want to sell my IMs and hard compound items for sale in USD thru paypal. I'd like to know how much it is in USD or PHP. Thank you for your help :)

These are the list of the items I want to sell
Female Fur Clothes
Male Fur Clothes
Dragoon's Battlerobe
Wizard Suit
Sun Robe
Duke Shadow Suit
Polar Ultima +200
Dragon Range Sword
Alabaster Mace
Spirit Fork
Sky Sword +7
Escape button
Friendship brooch
Silver Amity Jelly (+20)

F-White Day Suit
New White Day Suit
White Day Hat
Valentine Shoes
White Day Gloves

Swift Saddle
Bash Saddle

Pets: ALL scrolled in AGI
Holy Pegasus lvl 199
Holy Pegasus lvl 101
Green Dragon lvl 100

Thank you!

Tue, 04 Apr 2017, 4:04pm #2
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Female Fur Clothes
Male Fur Clothes
around 6 ss but some ppl sell 12 ss

SS 25-40 M