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i dont know if this is the right place to post this, but i'm desperate and no matter how much i look for a way to fix this, all the other threads end with no answer or an answer that makes no sense.

every single time i try to play, i enter a cutscene with nothing but a crashed boat and the old guy from the tutorial island saying "Yes." with a text box that says "IM Points: 0" under it. i've tried making a character on literally every server, but all of them end up with the same result.

and it's not like i'm trying to make a new side character or something, this is my first character on this account, so i have absolutely no access to the game while this is happening. i don't know if anyone has ever found out a way to get past this, but i just really want to play wlo again. i used to play it all the time when it first launched and i miss it so much.

this is what i see when i try to play on my character:

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Hmm.. I've never seen this glitch before but i can try my best to help, so the first thing i can do is suggest this thread,
it's not the exact thing thats happening to you but perhaps it could help, 2nd thing, have you tried running wlo under different servers? i know it sounds like it won't help but it might, theres also the enforced update though i don't know if it would help.
3rd is have you tried using a different account from that one? That could possibly fix this issue.

That's all i can do right now, sorry if none of it helped i've honestly never seen this before.

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Bad necroposting is bad. but I am a sinner.

Everytime I try to do a cutscene, no matter where it is... it just gets stuck like it fails to load the cutscene....having another person log in to do the cutscenes for me is annoying...

I've replaced new wlo files with old wlo files...and it still does it? I am guessing it is an error between win 10 and the game? tried running in administrator, reinstalled all the files. tried to bypass the black screen via guides on the official forum, and got jack shit in return

I guess the game is permanently broken for me

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