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Tue, 21 Feb 2017, 6:35pm #1
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I keep getting that. Every time I click something the dialogue box closes halfway and nothing happens. I saw someone else was having the same issue but no one bothered to help him either.

Wed, 12 Apr 2017, 1:23pm #2
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Official Forum won't be able to help, it's just players there like here.
Only the Service Center might be able to help - but don't expect too much. Do you have that on any new account you create, or only on one single acc, because in that case I'd recomment to just create a new account and drop the bugged one.

PS: "...but no one bothered to help him either." - It is not about "nobody bothers to help". We are just players, we cannot fix bugs that are created by the system and most of us might have never seen this before and unable to give advice, so please don't be so demanding.