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Thu, 23 Oct 2008, 3:49pm #1
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hello everyone since i have sometime today and saw some repeated questions, i thought i would post this on forum

Good Habits in forum
1=>Search before u ask any question, u can search by topics or posts

2=>Please try not to multipost (for those who dont know, multiposting is repeatedly before someone else posts)please edit your last post where ever its possible and useful

3=>always try to post in the correct section of forum, for example dont ask compounding questions in Bug Report section

4=>its always good to say thank you or something good when someone helps you, but dont post unnecessary things that are not related to topic

5=>i have noticed many people ask "what server are u on?" when they are already talking in side a server forum, thats a silly question to ask there

6=>if u find errors in database there's a topic where you can post them, u dont need to make another thread for it , we also have a thread to post missing icon images

7=>if u find new items/compounds/recycles... that u wanna add to database again post them under , so that it would be easier for scott to see all the new things needed add/update under one topic

IGN = taisan, Guild =*none*, Server =Leo1
timezone = GMT +5:00 (Maldives)

Hello guys , do your best to help find cool smiley to use in forum, good luck all ^.^

Please help to advertise website and make our community larger ^^

Pls help get missing icons ^^ the link below shows items without any icon in database
if u have these items pls take a screen shot and post here ^^

New Forum User Tutorial ^-^
How to start with website? by kazura
How do i add a picture? by Hugo
Which tags are supported? by scott
Read before u post xD by me

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Thanks dotnet. I just want to let everyone know what permissions they have on the site.

Anyone can do the following:
Add a new item/compound/recycle
Edit an item

You only need to post in if an there is a compound/recycle that needs editing or deleting. Other than that you should be able to do it yourself. Thanks!

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Is there any penalties for replying to a post that was untouched for a couple of months/years~?
Some forums punish heavily for those~

Muu~ -_-

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They should also name topics properly x.x