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Dear Database,

There has been a few questions and concerns about Shield Bracers And a few have wrote complaints about it. There has also been a few recipes posted. Even one from our very own and trusted Dark D. So you can tell that these bracers may have at least worked or were compoundable some time during the past but not now.

I've searched Melon Bread and this was what I came up with.

As you can see Material/Base Unknown
I will try searching for a other version of Melone and see if maybe mines is just not broken.

I've also double checked the Japanese website I often use and this is the recipe.

As you can see its the exact same as ours. So I do not know why it does not work. (Jewelry is the same as Corundum if you are wondering)

So for now I want others to try and stop making these bracers and wasting their time, effort, books and money until this has been sorted. (sadly we are just a Fan Site so we have no control over this or what happens in the game) I myself have tried 5 times (5-10 is the limit I usually use when making something) to test these recipes and I have not gotten 1 bracer.

IF there is someone willing to waste their books and can show a screen shot proof that these bracers DO in fact exist today and are compoundable then please feel free to do so and I deeply thank you.

Mean while I will try asking Scott sometime later this week about what I should do about this item (like whether I should remove the recipes or not so as to cause less confusion for anyone who has not seen this notice), for now I think we should leave it up but I just wanted to write this as a warning to those trying to attempt this Item.

Thank you very much for reading.


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I remember trying to make these before. It was awhile ago. Every time it would return Snow Mask so I went another route. A recipe that didn't involve these bracers.

I was making Dragon rage sword back then.