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If you want me to burst you I'll be checking on this Forum everyday so Leave me a post of your IGN and the level you're at and want to be bursted to.

I do do Pet Bursts but I only burst Pets from Lv 1-100!

1-50 : 500k
1-100 : 1.5m
100-180: 10m
1-180 : 12m
Pets(With rb Char)
1-50 :1m
Pets(With none Rb Char)
1-50 : 2m
1-100: 4m

Thing you should know.
1)I take Payment first whether It's half then half or all at once.
2)If I'm bursting you 1-180 I pilot the account or no deal.
3)Me Piloting is (Optional) as long as It's bursting (Characters) from 1-100
4)If I'm piloting your account lease take off all your Items so if somethings missing I'm not to blame.
5)If I Pilot the account I will Provide the foods.
6)There is no need for you to provide and emote, and for fires no need for a weight.

I do accept "most" Im Items as long as they are worth the amount you're paying for.

If you want to contact me in game my most active chars I'm on are Guesswhat and William101.

In Progress:


agentfire: 1-100

Mafiacuss: 1-100

Jikirrei : 1-100

Shiing : 1-100

Mikeru : 1-100

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